Gemini coatings are produced by NORSOK M-501 qualified blasters and painters who have undertaken and passed the industry regulated trade tests.

The NORSOK M-501 Surface Preparation and Protective Coating (Rev. 5, June 2004) Standard gives the requirements for the selection of coating materials, surface preparation, application procedures and inspection for protective coatings to be applied during the construction and installation of offshore installations and associated facilities. It covers both paint and metallic coatings as well as the application of spray-on passive fire protective coatings. The aim of this standard is to obtain coating systems that ensure the optimal protection of the component or installation with a minimum need for maintenance. Additionally, that the applied coating system is both application and maintenance friendly and that health, safety and environmental impacts are evaluated and documented.

The NORSOK standards are developed by the Norwegian petroleum industry to ensure adequate safety, value adding and cost effectiveness for petroleum industry developments and operations. They are typically based on recognised international standards and have been adopted across a broad range of the Offshore Industry.